S38.00001. Variational quantum control for single- and two-qubit transmon gates

Presented by: Juan José García Ripoll


Transmon are among the most successful qubits in the superconducting world, enabling the largest gate-based quantum computations to-date. In this talk I will present a new set of techniques to design single-qubit and two-qubit gates for transmon qubits, which can be used to tune qubit frequencies, implement direct or cavity mediated CZ interactions [1], and √SWAP gates with tuneable couplers. The technique is based on variational estimates of the transmon qubit state dynamics, and provides semi-analytical controls that can be further tuned to develop more robust protocols. With minor efforts, methods provide various orders of magnitude improvement in fidelity over earlier techniques based on fast-quasi-adiabatic passages or conventional square or segmented pulses, as used in current experiments. [1] L. DiCarlo et al, Nature 467, 574 (2010) [2] R. Barends et al. Nature 508, 500 (2014) [3] Y. Chen et al. Physical Review Letters 113,220502 (2014) This work has been supported by funding from project PGC2018-094792-B-I00 (MCIU/AEI/FEDER, UE) and CAM/FEDER Project No. S2018/TCS-4342 (QUITEMAD-CM).


  • Andrés Ruiz Chamorro
  • Erik Torrontegui
  • Juan José García-Ripoll


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