F07.00002. Variational Quantum Algorithm for Markovian Open Quantum Systems

Presented by: Yuya O. Nakagawa


We propose a quantum-classical hybrid variational algorithm to simulate the non-equilibrium stationary states of Markovian open quantum systems, named the dissipative-system Variational Quantum Eigensolver (dVQE) [1]. In order to employ the variational optimization technique for a unitary quantum circuit, we first map a density matrix into a wavefunction with the doubled number of qubits, and then design the unitary quantum circuit so that the physical requirements for a mixed state are fulfilled. This allows us to define a cost function that consists of the time evolution generator of the Markovian quantum master equation. After the optimization, physical observables are evaluated by a quantum circuit with the original number of qubits. Our dVQE scheme is demonstrated by both numerical simulation on a classical computer and actual quantum simulation that makes use of the device provided in Rigetti Quantum Cloud Service. [1] N. Yoshioka, Y. O. Nakagawa, K. Mitarai, and K. Fujii, arXiv:1908.09836 (2019). ** KAKENHI Grant Numbers JP17J00743 (N. Y.), JP19J10978 (K. M.), and JP16H02211 (K. F.). K. F. is supported by JST PRESTO JPMJPR1668, JST ERATO JPMJER1601, and JST CREST JPMJCR1673, MEXT Q-LEAP JPMXS01180673. Y. O. N. is supported by MEXT Q-LEAP JPMXS0118068682.


  • N. Yoshioka
  • Y. O. Nakagawa
  • K. Mitarai
  • K. Fujii


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