B67.00003. Universal plateau in the thermoelectric Hall conductivity of Dirac/Weyl semimetals

Presented by: Brian Skinner


The three-dimensional Dirac and Weyl semimetals can exhibit thermoelectric properties that are not possible in conventional metals and semiconductors. Here I focus in particular on the thermoelectric Hall effect, which is the generation of a transverse heat current upon applying an electric field in the presence of a magnetic field. I show that the thermoelectric Hall conductivity acquires a robust plateau in the extreme quantum limit, and that the plateau value is independent of the field strength, disorder strength, carrier concentration, or carrier sign. I then discuss recent experiments on the three-dimensional Dirac semimetal ZrTe5, which clearly exhibit this plateau. Other thermoelectric coefficients in the material, such as the thermopower and Nernst coefficient, are greatly enhanced over their zero-field values even at relatively low fields.


  • Brian Skinner
  • Vladyslav Kozii
  • Wenjie Zhang
  • Peipei Wang
  • Ran Bi
  • Chang-woo Cho
  • Ruidan Zhong
  • John Schneeloch
  • Dapeng Yu
  • Genda Gu
  • Liang Fu
  • Xiaosong Wu
  • Liyuan Zhang


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