X48.00003. Uniaxial strain effect on superconductivity in 1D LaAlO3/SrTiO3 channels

Presented by: Xinyi Wu


We investigate the effects of uniaxial strain on superconductivity of nanowires in LaAlO3/SrTiO3. The interface between SrTiO3and LaAlO3, has a high-mobility 2D electron gas which can be superconducting at sub-Kelvin temperatures. We are able to create 1D conducting channels at the interface using conductive atomic force microscope (c-AFM) lithography [1]. Superconductivity in the system is associated with ferroelastic domain boundaries at the conductive region edges [2] and therefore is in the transition between 2D and 1D regimes. Application of an external uniaxial stress is expected to displace the ferroelastic domain boundaries, either inward or outward, depending on the sign. Our experiments indicate that uniaxial stretching of the nanowire in the parallel direction completely suppress the superconducting state, while reversal of the applied strain restores superconductivity. We will discuss the implications of possible electron-pairing mechanism in the 1D superconductor. [1] C. Cen, et al., Nature Materials 7, 298 (2008). [2] Y.-Y. Pai et al., Phys Rev Lett 120, 147001 (2018). Funding acknowledgement: We acknowledge support from the Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship program sponsored by the Basic Research Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering and funded by the Office of Naval Research through grant N00014-15-1-2847. The work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was supported by the National Science Foundation under DMREF Grant No. DMR-1629270, AFOSR FA9550-15-1-0334 and AOARD FA2386-15-1-4046.


  • Xinyi Wu
  • Megan Briggeman
  • Joseph Albro
  • Jianan Li
  • Jung-Woo Lee
  • Hyungwoo Lee
  • Chang-Beom Eom
  • Patrick Irvin
  • Jeremy Levy


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