W08.00001. Superconducting qubit devices: fabrication suite

Presented by: Kok Wai Chan


Scalable quantum computing architecture and fabrication processes have been a hot research topic in the past decade. We focus on the realization of a quantum computer based on superconducting qubits with a fast qubit reset and initialization techniques, utilizing a quantum-circuit refrigerator [1]. We present the fabricated devices and results achieved to date, which includes resonators with high quality factors, > 1e6, long qubit lifetime > 0.02 ms and 3D integration techniques such as airbridges.


  • K. W. Chan
  • T. Li
  • W. Liu
  • J. Heinsoo
  • V. A. Sevriuk
  • M. Jenei
  • F. Marxer
  • C. Ockeloen-Korppi
  • J. Tuorila
  • J. Hassel
  • J. Vartiainen
  • K. Y. Tan
  • J. Goetz
  • and M. Möttönen


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