X53.00001. Super-Andreev reflection and longitudinal shift of pseudospin-one fermions

Presented by: Xiaolong Feng


Novel fermions with a pseudospin-1 structure can be realized as emergent quasiparticles in condensed matter systems. Here, we investigate its unusual properties during the Andreev reflection at a normal-metal/superconductor (NS) interface. We show that distinct from the previously studied pseudospin-1/2 and two dimensional electron gas models, the pseudospin-1 fermions exhibit a strongly enhanced Andreev reflection probability, and remarkably, can be further tuned to approach perfect Andreev reflection with unit effciency for all incident angles, exhibiting a previously unknown super-Andreev reflection effect. The super-Andreev reflection leads to perfect transparency of the NS interface that strongly promotes charge injection into the superconductor, and directly manifests as a differential conductance peak which can be readily probed in experiment. Additionally, we find that sizable longitudinal shifts exist in the normal and Andreev reflections of pseudospin-1 fermions. Distinct from the pseudospin-1/2 case, the shift is always in the forward direction in the subgap regime, regardless of whether the reflection is of retro- or specular type.


  • Ying Liu
  • Zhi-Ming Yu
  • Zhongshui Ma
  • L. K. Ang
  • Yee Sin Ang
  • Shengyuan A. Yang


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