G02.00004. Steering sound with light

Presented by: Tirth Shah


Phononic circuits have been emerging as a growing field of research for applications in optical signal processing, sensing and emerging quantum technologies. We describe the design of a micron-scale on-chip patterned silicon device supporting i) helical transport of phonons along the interface of two topologically distinct domains, ii) photonic crystal optical cavities as a means of excitation and read-out of these mechanical vibrations via optomechanical parametric coupling. Our unique design can be characterized as a multi-scale optomechanical crystal, and we will describe possibilities to test its operation in experimental devices.


  • Tirth Shah
  • Hengjiang Ren
  • Christian Brendel
  • Hannes Pfeifer
  • Vittorio Peano
  • Oskar Painter
  • Florian Marquardt


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