U45.00011. Stars & Bars: A Compact Representation for Bosonic Occupation States

Presented by: Caleb Usadi


An efficient representation of bosonic occupation states is a critical tool for the exact diagonalization of bosonic Hamiltonians. The memory demands of the traditional method of representing such systems, as lexicographically ordered arrays of integers, increases rapidly as system size grows, limiting current studies to approximately 16 particles at unit filling. Representing basis vectors using the combinatoric stars and bars method allows each basis state to be stored as a single 64 bit integer. This optimally compact representation will enable the analysis of new properties of larger bosonic Hamiltonians, including accessible entanglement, which may be useful in evaluating many-body phases as potential candidate quantum resource states. *C.U. acknowledges the Albert D. Crowell Undergraduate Research Award for support. This research was supported in part by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under Award No. DMR-1553991. All computations were performed on the Vermont Advanced Computing Core supported in part by NSF Award No. OAC-1827314.


  • Hatem Barghathi
  • Adrian Del Maestro


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