M60.00010. Spin-triplet Superconductivity Evidenced by Half-Integer Quantum Flux in a Non-centrosymmetric Superconductor

Presented by: Xiaoying Xu


Spin-triplet superconductors, rare and challenging to identify, play central roles in Majorana fermions and quantum computing. It has been proposed that superconductors with broken inversion symmetry may host spin-triplet Cooper pairs. Unique features of half-quantum fluxoid in flux quantization is one of the few methods that can identify spin-triplet superconductors [1]. We fabricated thin films of non-centrosymmetric a-BiPd by sputtering and patterned them into sub-µm-sized rings. Measurements of the Little-Parks oscillations in magnetoresistance show half-quantum fluxoid (n + ½)Φo, a key signature of spin-triplet pairing, where flux quantum Φo = hc/2e and n is an integer. Our extensive measurements support mixing pairing states of spin-singlet and spin-triplet Cooper pairs in α-BiPd.


  • Xiaoying Xu
  • Yufan Li
  • C. L. Chien


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