M16.00009. Spectral Quantum Tomography

Presented by: Francesco Battistel


We introduce spectral quantum tomography, a simple method to extract the eigenvalues of a noisyfew-qubit gate, represented by a trace-preserving superoperator, in a SPAM-resistant fashion, usinglow resources in terms of gate sequence length. The eigenvalues provide detailed gate information,supplementary to known gate-quality measures such as the gate fidelity, and can be used as a gatediagnostic tool. We apply our method to one- and two-qubit gates on two different superconduct-ing systems available in the cloud, namely the QuTech Quantum Infinity and the IBM QuantumExperience. We discuss how cross-talk, leakage and non-Markovian errors affect the eigenvalue data. *The work by FB and BMT was supported by ERCgrant EQEC No. 682726. JH is funded by STW Nether-lands, NWO VIDI, an ERC Starting Grant and by theNWO Zwaartekracht QSC grant.


  • Jonas Helsen
  • Francesco Battistel
  • Barbara M. Terhal


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