G17.00001. RuleSet-based Operation of the Quantum Internet*

Presented by: Rodney Van Meter


The challenges in building a Quantum Internet extend far beyond having a physical layer that can create entanglement across a distance. Quantum Internet nodes must share management of distributed tomography, errors, entanglement swapping, multiplexing of resources, selection of routes, and more to support application-requested actions for distributed cryptographic functions, quantum sensor networks, and distributed quantum computation. RuleSet-based operation allows for single-point but any-location decisions on policy for a connection and distributed, real-time selection of actions consistent with those policies. Only such an architecture will provide the full flexibility needed to support inter-technology, inter-organizational communications on a long-lived, multi-generational Quantum Internet. *This material is based upon work supported by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research under award number FA2386-19-1-4038.


  • Rodney Van Meter


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