D08.00015. Robust and optimal control for SC qubits, two-qubit gates, and circuits

Presented by: Harrison Ball


Superconducting quantum computers manifest distinct error processes at different levels of system complexity: from leakage or dephasing in individual transmon qubits to errors in two-qubit gates arising from dephasing, imperfect control signals, and unwanted cross-couplings. Quantum control at the physical-layer provides a pathway to combating these errors in today’s quantum hardware. In this talk we describe error modelling of dominant error channels in superconducting circuits relevant for parametrically-activated or cross-resonance gates. Advancing on previous work, we present optimal and robust controls that reduce sensitivity to both leakage and dephasing errors by orders of magnitude, as well as other optimized controls to reduce hardware errors at higher levels of system complexity.


  • Harrison Ball
  • Per Liebermann
  • André Carvalho
  • Harry Slatyer
  • Vicktor Perunicic
  • Rajib Chakravorty
  • Michael Hush
  • Michael Biercuk


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