D08.00012. Robust and configurable Mølmer-Sørensen gates in large ion chains

Presented by: Andre Carvalho


Performing high fidelity entangling operations in multi-qubit systems is an essential requirement for the scalability of quantum information processing. In trapped-ion architectures, these gates are achieved through external driving fields that excite shared oscillator modes: Molmer-Sorensen (MS) gates are a widely used example. In this talk, we present flexible and fully configurable optimized modulation protocols which enable the realization of pairwise MS interactions in long ion chains. We demonstrate how these protocols achieve efficient decoupling of the motional modes employed to effect the entangling operation and provide robustness against fluctuations in experimental parameters. We then demonstrate a routine for time-optimization of the gates on chains of up to 10 ions. The novel gates are not only more robust and faster than standard MS gates, but also more flexible in the choice of experimental parameters.


  • Andre Carvalho
  • Claire Edmunds
  • Harrison Ball
  • Chris Bentley
  • Michael Hush
  • Michael Biercuk


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