L05.00005. Revealing plasmonic-photonic interaction via single-particle microresonator spectroscopy and tailoring weak-to-strong coupling

Presented by: Feng Pan


Control of light–matter interactions is important to numerous advances in quantum communication and sensing. Tailoring coupling strength relative to loss rates is central to exert control over the interactions. Recently we have demonstrated we could pin down a high dynamic range of system parameters in a coupled plasmonic-photonic cavity. Embedding the coupled cavity with an index-matching polymer matrix allows plasmonic and photonic modes to be largely overlapped and thus lifts up the coupling strength to the same order of magnitude as dominant nonradiative loss rate, potentially leading to a strongly coupled cavity.


  • Feng Pan
  • Kevin C. Smith
  • Hoang L. Nguyen
  • Kassandra A. Knapper
  • David J. Masiello
  • Randall H. Goldsmith


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