G17.00002. Resource-efficient quantum communication using all-photonic graph states generated from quantum emitters

Presented by: Paul Hilaire


The emergence of quantum communication technologies shows great promise for applications ranging from the secure transmission of secret messages to distributed quantum computing. Due to fiber losses, long-distance quantum communication requires the use of quantum repeaters, for which there exist quantum memory-based schemes and all photonic schemes. While all-photonic approaches based on graph states generated from linear optics avoid coherence time issues associated with memories, they outperform repeaterless protocols only at the expense of a significant overhead in resources. Here, we consider using quantum emitters to produce the graph states and show how the resource/performance trade-off can be optimized to yield a protocol that outperforms both repeaterless and memory-based schemes. Our results should pave the way towards the practical implementation of both resource-efficient and fast long-distance quantum communication.


  • Paul Hilaire
  • Edwin Barnes
  • Sophia Economou


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