U09.00011. Quantum Mechanical Reset-Observer Reset, not Observation, results in QM Wave-Particle Duality in Multi-Slit experiments

Presented by: Martin Alpert


A quantum mechanical mechanism based on statistical mechanics is proposed. It is based on corresponding and reciprocal changes in the number of states with associated energy changes at the observer and observed at reset and observation of the observer. The change in the number of states is different than the value of the observation. Each state is a possible input to the system. Bits, as a measure of information content, are considered the discrete cell size of a state. An experiment is proposed to determine where and when energy changes occur and how they are related to the observer and observed during the entire measurement process. A related experiment is proposed to determine timing between changes in the number of states. No time delay would indicate this is an entangled process and explain delayed choice observations. Bits not stored are lost, so when the number of inputs is greater than the number of outputs, an energy change occurs, and interference is observed (wave characteristics). If the number of inputs equals the number of outputs, no energy change occurs, and no interference is observed (particle characteristics). The theory, if verified, would further the understanding of the measurement process and entanglement’s involvement in the process.


  • Martin Alpert


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