R38.00001. Quantifying high-fidelity state preparation and measurement in triple-quantum-dot qubits

Presented by: Jacob Blumoff


Exchange-only triple-quantum-dot spin qubits are a promising approach to scalable quantum information processing. In such systems, state preparation is generally performed by biasing the device to exchange electrons with a cold electron reservoir, while measurement is realized by spin-to-charge conversion and detection with a nearby electrometer. In this talk I will discuss implementation of these techniques in isotopically-enriched Si/SiGe triple dots using a direct dot-sensor electrometer with a cryogenic HEMT amplifier. I will examine the non-idealities in these operations, and explain how those factors can be hidden or revealed by choice of metric, showing data which exhibits SPAM infidelity in the low parts-per-thousand level. Further, I’ll detail a budget for what performance is expected, given properties of the device and instrumentation.


  • Jacob Blumoff


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