F17.00008. Pulsed Spectroscopy of Si/SiGe Quantum Dots: One- and Two-Electron Valley-Orbit Excited States

Presented by: Kate Raach


The one- and two-electron energy spectra of silicon quantum dots can be complicated due to the interplay of valley and orbital degrees of freedom, affecting all aspects of spin qubit operation. For instance, in exchange-only qubits, low-lying single electron excitations are relevant during coherent evolution, while the two-electron singlet-triplet splitting limits the initialization and readout fidelity. In the second half of this two-part talk, we present experimental data and analysis of this energy structure using pulsed techniques to simultaneously probe multiple valley and orbital states of double quantum dots. We discuss the variations in one- and two-electron structure across dots and as a function of bias and how they compare with theoretical expectations.


  • Kate Raach


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