D12.00004. Properties of Magnetic High-Entropy Alloys

Presented by: Valéria Rosa Rocha


Magnetic high-entropy alloys are a promise for many fields. From cryogenic to aircraft and spacecraft applications, the possibilities are varied but one thing is necessary: we must have a better understanding of the properties of these materials in order to put them to good uses. Korman et al. made predictions for the Curie Temperatures (Tc) of HEAs of the form CrxCoFeNiQx with Q being Pd, Cu, Ag, or Au. In our study, we focused on the Pd alloys varying both Cr and Pd in order to check the accuracy of the Tc predictions. Using the “Treasure Maps” provided by Korman et al. we chose combinations of Cr and Pd that were predicted to have a Tc near room temperature. Based on our work, we found the maps to be very reproducible with the procedure used, which is further explained in this presentation. *Berea College Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects Program (BC-URCPP) Berea College Labor Program


  • Abby M. Nash
  • John-Paul E. Cesare
  • Troy C. Messina


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