S38.00005. Optimizing quantum circuits subject to cross coupling

Presented by: Per Liebermann


We present a new optimization technique which creates time-optimized circuits capable of combating unwanted crosstalk in transmon circuits. The low anharmonicity of transmons allows for the performance of quantum computations with either qubits or qutrits realized using the three lowest energy levels of the device. Unfortunately when employed in circuits residual ZZ-type couplings can lead to error sources which degrade algorithmic performance. We demonstrate the optimization of complex Unitaries on up to five qutrits using SU(2) and SU(3) operations. Based on a custom GPU-compatible optimization toolkit, high-fidelity and robust circuits are generated by optimizing both applied SU(N) operations and their timing in the circuit. We further demonstrate the ability to find robust solutions optimized to account for additional time-varying noise processes. We compare numeric with analytic results and GPU-optimization speeds with CPU-limited methods. Overall this approach forms a new kind of optimized circuit compilation which trades-off algorithmic execution time for improved overall error performance in a deterministic fashion.


  • Per Liebermann
  • Harrison Ball
  • Harry Slatyer
  • Machiel S Blok
  • Vinay Ramasesh
  • AndrĂ© Carvalho
  • Viktor Pucincic
  • Rajib Chakravorty
  • Michael Hush
  • Michael Biercuk


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