M60.09. Observation of Half-Quantum Flux in Topological Superconductor 𝜷‐Bi2Pd

Presented by: Yufan Li


Magnetic flux quantization is one of the defining characteristics of a superconductor. We report the observation of half-integer magnetic flux quantization in mesoscopic rings of superconducting β-Bi2Pd thin films [1]. The half-quantum fluxoid (HQF) manifests itself as a π phase shift in the quantum oscillations of the superconducting critical temperature. The superconducting ring energetically prefers half flux quanta with fractional quantum numbers of 1/2, 3/2, 5/2, etc., instead of usual integer numbers of 0, 1, 2, etc. This result is consistent with β-Bi2Pd having a spin-triplet pairing symmetry, which may be expected from β-Bi2Pd as a topological supercondcutor [2,3]. Our findings usher in new venues for studying topological superconductivity, and new designs of flux qubit for quantum computing, which may operate without external magnetic fields. [1] Y. Li et al., Science 366, 238-241 (2019). [2] M. Sakano, et al., Nature Communications 6, 8595 (2015). [3] K. Iwaya, et al., Nature Communications 8, 976 (2017).


  • Yufan Li
  • Xiaoying Xu
  • M.-H. Lee
  • M.-W. Chu
  • C. L. Chien


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