G43.00005. Measuring Rényi Entanglement Entropies in Lattice Worm Algorithm QMC

Presented by: Emanuel Casiano-Diaz


In this talk we report on an extension of lattice worm algorithm quantum Monte Carlo that allows for the exact simulation of interacting bosons at zero temperature. We will discuss the implementation of the SWAP technique within the lattice path integral framework that provides access to novel estimators, including the Rényi entanglement entropies without complete knowledge of the density matrix. This technology can be used to probe the scaling of entanglement between spatial subregions and may be useful in understanding the quantum information encoded in ultracold lattice gases that can be probed via a quantum gas microscope.


  • Emanuel Casiano-Diaz
  • Chris M. Herdman
  • Adrian Del Maestro


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