A43.00007. Kondo route to quantum interference in prototypical single molecule transistors

Presented by: Sudeshna Sen


Single molecule transistors offer a fascinatingly diverse range of physics due to their ultrasmall size, chemical complexity, and strong electronic interactions. They constitute a playground for exploring the fundamental physics of correlations on the nanoscale, and their signatures in transport. Understanding these systems is also an essential prerequisite for possible advanced technological applications utilizing their quantum characteristics. In this talk I examine prototypical molecular junctions π-conjugated hydrocarbon molecular junctions using a combination of perturbative scaling, numerical renormalization group, and machine learning methods [1] after reducing them to effective multi-orbital impurity systems. The interplay of Kondo effect and emergent many body quantum interference effects are explored in the context of quantum boosted functionalities.


  • Sudeshna Sen
  • Andrew K Mitchell


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