F05.00002. Kinetic effects of vibrational polaritons in electron transfer.

Presented by: Jorge A Campos Gonzalez Angulo


Chemical kinetics has been modified for thermally activated reactions with molecules under vibrational strong light-matter coupling (VSC). These experiments are counterintuitive since VSC can only be achieved when a collectivity of vibrational modes (N ≈ 1010) simultaneously couples to a single confined electromagnetic mode, and, as a result, the normal modes consist of two polaritonic modes and N – 1 dark modes that behave as uncoupled vibrations. In this work, we show how VSC can induce catalysis in electron transfer, as described by the Marcus-Levich-Jortner formalism, by providing low activation energy channels that dominate the kinetics even when they are largely outnumbered by channels with unmodified activation energy.


  • Jorge Campos Gonzalez Angulo
  • Raphael Ribeiro
  • Joel Yuen-Zhou


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