C71.00016. Investigation of Track Formation in CR-39 for Various Hydrated Environments

Presented by: Micah Karahadian


CR-39, a thermoset resin, is a well characterized integrative detector that, when etched, shows tracks created by energetic charged particles produced in nuclear reactions. It has been questioned whether this detection method can be used in Pd/D electrolytic cell environments. Of concern is whether the pyrophoric nature of hydrogen’s interaction with palladium and its recombination with oxygen within the cell can create similar tracks. The validity of this detection method in an electrolytic cell environment is investigated. Additionally, track comparisons from detectors used in a Pd/D co-deposition experiments utilizing K-40 or Li-6 electrolytes were done to determine if Li-6 contributes to the observed tracks.


  • Micah Karahadian
  • Austin R Smith
  • Emma Vahle
  • Heide M Doss


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