H71.00343. Interface and spintronic device characteristics of layered insulators (BN, Bi 2 Se 3 ) grown in amorphous form using magnetron sputtering

Presented by: Yub Raj Sapkota


The last two decades have witnessed the emergence of several layered insulators such as hexagonal Boron nitride (BN) and Topological Insulator Bismuth selenide (Bi 2 Se 3 ). Their application in spintronics is still an active area of research. In this work, we have investigated the interface, transport, and magnetotransport properties of amorphous BN and Bi 2 Se 3 in a tunnel magnetoresistance geometry with ferromagnetic Cobalt layers. We observed tunneling and magnetoresistance behavior with BN barriers, whereas interdiffusion issues likely impeded the observation of magnetoresistance effect with insulating Bi2 Se3


  • Yub Raj Sapkota
  • Duston Wetzel and Dipanjan Mazumdar


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