B17.00012. Integrating superfluids with superconducting qubit systems

Presented by: Justin Lane


Superfluid helium is an extremely low-loss dielectric, an excellent thermal conductor, and harbors many unique collective excitations, making it an attractive candidate to incorporate into superconducting qubit systems. We controllably immerse a three-dimensional superconducting transmon qubit in superfluid 4He and measure the spectroscopic and coherence properties of the system. We find that the cavity, the qubit, and their coupling are all modified by the superfluid, which we analyze within the framework of circuit quantum electrodynamics (cQED). At at temperatures relevant to quantum computing experiments, the energy relaxation time of the qubit is not significantly changed by the presence of the superfluid, while the pure dephasing time modestly increases, which we attribute to improved thermalization of the microwave environment via the superfluid.


  • Justin Lane
  • Dian Tan
  • Niyaz Beysengulov
  • Kostyantyn Nasyedkin
  • Evan M Brook
  • Liangji Zhang
  • Taryn V Stefanski
  • Heejun Byeon
  • Kater Murch
  • Johannes Pollanen


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