M54.00011. Generic quantized zero-bias conductance peaks in superconductor-semiconductor hybrid structures*

Presented by: Haining Pan


We show theoretically that quantized zero-bias conductance peaks should be ubiquitous in superconductor-semiconductor hybrids by employing a random matrix model with continuous tuning parameters. We demonstrate that NS junction conductance spectra can be generically obtained in this model replicating all features seen in recent experimental results. The theoretical quantized conductance peaks, which explicitly do not arise from spatially isolated Majorana zero modes, are easily found by preparing a contour plot of conductance over several independent tuning parameters, mimicking the effect of Zeeman splitting and voltages on gates near the junction. This suggests that even stable, apparently quantized, conductance peaks need not correspond to isolated Majorana modes; rather the a priori expectation should be that such quantized peaks generically occupy a significant fraction of the high-dimensional tuning parameter space that characterizes the NS tunneling experiments.


  • Haining Pan
  • William S Cole
  • Jay Sau


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