B16.00008. Fluxonium-like qubit design for improved coherence

Presented by: Pranav Mundada


Fluxonium qubits provide high anharmonicity and can offer states with disjoint support and large relaxation time. There has been significant progress in exploring different parameter regimes of the fluxonium for optimizing coherence times. However, in traditional fluxonium qubits, the external flux sweet spot is only present when external magnetic flux threading through the superconducting loop is either 0 or 0.5 flux quantum. Additional sweet spots can be achieved via the careful engineering of the Hamiltonian. We present experimental data on the implementation of such a fluxonium-like qubit architecture with extra sweet spots achieved via Floquet engineering. *Supported by Army Research Office Grant No. W911NF1910016


  • Pranav Mundada
  • Andras Gyenis
  • Ziwen Huang
  • Jens Koch
  • Andrew Houck


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