J54.00010. Entanglement Entropy of Generalized Moore-Read Fractional Quantum Hall State Interfaces

Presented by: Ramanjit Sohal


Topologically ordered phases of matter can be characterized by the presence of a universal, constant contribution to the entanglement entropy known as the topological entanglement entropy (TEE). The TEE can been calculated for Abelian phases via a "cut-and-glue" approach by treating the entanglement cut as a physical cut, coupling the resulting gapless edges with explicit tunneling terms, and computing the entanglement between the two edges. We provide a first step towards extending this methodology to non-Abelian topological phases, focusing on the generalized Moore-Read (MR) fractional quantum Hall states at filling fractions ν=1/q. We consider interfaces between different MR states and write down explicit tunneling terms, which we motivate using an anyon condensation picture. We compute the entanglement entropy for an entanglement cut lying along the interface. Our work provides new insight towards understanding the connections between anyon condensation, gapped interfaces of non-Abelian phases, and TEE.


  • Ramanjit Sohal
  • Bo Han
  • Luiz Santos
  • Chi Yan Jeffrey Teo


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