J65.00009. Engineered Chirality of One-Dimensional Nanowires

Presented by: Megan Briggeman


Quantum transport in 1D geometries is fascinating in its own right, but it can also be regarded as a building-block for creating and exploring a variety of quantum systems. We have developed a flexible platform for creating 1D nanostructures at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface using a conductive atomic force microscope lithography technique. Straight nanowire segments behave as electron waveguides with subband occupation that can be tuned with a gate and an external magnetic field. We can periodically perturb this waveguide, with 10 nm periodicity, to yield a chiral nanowire which exhibits striking oscillatory transmission as a function of both magnetic field and chemical potential. We discuss these results in terms of an engineered axial in-plane spin-orbit interaction within the spiral electron waveguide. These findings represent an important advance in the ability to design new families of quantum materials with emergent properties, and mark a milestone in the development of a solid-state 1D quantum simulation platform.


  • Megan Briggeman
  • Jianan Li
  • Mengchen Huang
  • Hyungwoo Lee
  • Jung-Woo Lee
  • Chang-Beom Eom
  • Patrick Irvin
  • Jeremy Levy


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