M62.00005. Effects of writing parameters on electron transport in sketched single-electron transistors

Presented by: Philip Shenk


Fabrication of single-electron transistors (SETs) and other mesoscopic devices typically requires elaborate nanofabrication techniques. We approach this challenge using a reversible conductive-AFM lithography technique that can locally control the conductivity of the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface. We characterize the properties of “sketched” nanostructures as a function of experimentally controllable variables such as writing parameters, back-gate voltage, temperature and magnetic field. Here we focus on the SketchSET geometry [1] which shows discrete addition energies that we can track as a function of source-drain bias and magnetic field. Our findings yield insights into intrinsic interactions between electrons confined within the SET islands. [1] G. Cheng, et al., Nature Nanotechnology 6, 343 (2011). *JL acknowledges a Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship, funded by ONR (N00014-15-1-2847). C-BE acknowledges NSF DMREF (DMR-1629270), AFOSR (FA9550-15-1-0334).


  • John Maier
  • Yang Hu
  • Hyungwoo Lee
  • Jung-Woo Lee
  • Chang-Beom Eom
  • Patrick Irvin
  • Jeremy Levy


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