P17.00002. Driven dynamics of an electron coupled to spin-3/2 nuclei in quantum dots

Presented by: Arian Vezvaee


The problem of hyperfine interaction between a confined electron in a self-assembled quantum dot and its surrounding nuclear spin environment features interesting physics. Driving of the electron spin leads to dynamic nuclear spin polarization of the bath, and feedback effects on the electron spin can qualitatively change its dynamics. While for most systems of interest the nuclei have a spin of 3/2 or higher, in which case quadrupolar terms are present, the majority of existing theoretical treatments assume a nuclear spin-1/2 bath. In this work, we present a comprehensive theoretical framework of a driven electron spin coupled to a nuclear spin-3/2 bath based on a mean-field approach, and we use it to study the effects of higher nuclear spin on dynamic nuclear polarization.


  • Arian Vezvaee
  • Girish Sharma
  • Sophia Economou
  • Edwin Barnes


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