D01.00008. Analysis of matter-wave emission dynamics and polariton formation in a quantum-emitter array coupled to a band structure

Presented by: Alfonso Lanuza


Recent progress on a spontaneous emitter for atomic matter waves [1] has enabled studies of exotic emission phenomena in bandgap materials. Here we present analytic solutions for the single excitation dynamics in a 1D sinusoidal lattice potential and a finite or infinite array of emitters. The calculated phenomenology ranges from non-Markovian decay into bound states for the case of one emitter, to the emergence of an additional band structure of polaritons for the case of infinite emitters. [1] L. Krinner, M. Stewart, A. Pazmiño, J. Kwon, D. Schneble, Nature 559, 598 (2018). *Supported by NSF PHY-1607633/1912546 and SUNY Ctr for QIS on LI.


  • A. Lanuza
  • M. A. Stewart
  • J. Kwon
  • Y. Kim
  • D. Schneble


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