J05.00005. A variational approach for the dynamics of triplet harvesting in the polariton regime

Presented by: Luis Angel Martinez Martinez


The recent interest on the manipulation of chemical processes within confined electromagnetic environments has opened up new directions on theoretical efforts to understand the emergent dynamics of organic molecules embedded in the former. Density-matrix, wave-packet propagation, and Langevin-based approaches, among other methodologies, have been developed to get insight on the interplay between the vibrational, electronic and photonic degrees of freedom in the dynamics of these hybrid light-matter (polariton) setups. Hereby, we extent the methodology toolbox to treat these systems by presenting a variational approach applicable to different regimes of vibronic and light-matter couplings for organic molecules. We use this method to understand the influence of coupling of molecular aggregates to photon fields on triplet harvesting. Furthermore, we elaborate on the role of the the so-called dark states, on generic electronic transitions featured by organic molecules, under the strong light-matter coupling regime.


  • Luis A. Martinez-Martinez
  • Elad Eizner
  • Stephane Kena-Cohen
  • Joel Yuen-Zhou


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